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Data Entry

1. How do I enter my company information?

Step 1: Click on "Company Entry" button under the "Maintenance" headline.

Step 2: Enter all your company information.

Step 3: Enter any additional information you’d like stored in the user-defined area.

Step 4: If you would like to add a logo to your invoices and statements, click on the "Browse" button and point to an existing .bmp or .jpg file on your computer.

Now that you’ve finished entering your company information, you’ll be relieved to know that you’ll never have to type that out ever again! Your information will automatically be placed on every invoice or statement you send out from now on!

2. How do I add a new client?

Step 1: Click on "Client Entry" button.

Step 2: The default mode is set as "view", click on the button with the green "+" sign in the top left and the mode will change to "add-client."

Step 3: Select a client type and input the client’s information.

Step 4: By exiting the form (door button in the top left), your new client is automatically saved!

Note: You can go back at any time to change any information. Just use edit mode by clicking on the "Edit" button (to the left of the add button with the pencil and paper).

3. How do I import existing client data?

Step 1: Before opening the CPCA CMS software you’ll need to open "ClientTemplate.xls". This can be done by clicking on "My Computer" in your Start Menu, choosing your C: drive, going to ("ProgramData" for Vista & Windows7) or ("C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\" for XP), clicking on "CCMS", and finally opening "ClientTemplate.xls". Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds!

Step 2: Place all your client information into this spreadsheet using the template that is already provided and save as a new file.

Step 3: Open the CPCA CMS System; and click on "Maintenance Entry."

Step 4: Click on the "Database Utilities" tab.

Step 5: Click on "Import File – Excel File (*.xls)".

Step 6: Click on "Import Data" button, select your saved Excel file, and click "Open".

4. How do I add a contract?

Step 1: From the main menu, select a client from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Click the "Session Entry" button.

Step 3: Click on the button with the green "+" sign to add new contract.

Step 4: Enter the contract type and any other relevant information.

5. How do I add session information?

Step 1: Select a client’s session.

Step 2: Click the "Edit" button (to the left of the add button).

Step 3: Click on the button with the green "+" sign (add new session).

Step 4: The data and time is automatically entered but can be easily changed.

Step 5: Enter the time length (eg. 90 minutes) and any notes for that session.

Now you’ll be able to easily locate your client session notes, automate your tasks and reminders, and print off detailed summaries in only a few clicks!

6. How do I personalize my invoices?

Step 1: Click on "Maintenance Entry" button under the "Maintenance" headline.

Step 2: Enter your personal invoice settings including invoice notes and motto.

Step 3: Set up taxes and other financial details if needed.

Step 4: If you wish to email your invoices, choose Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

7. How do I create an invoice?

Step 1: From the main menu, select a client from the list.

Step 2: Click on the "Invoice Entry" button.

Step 3: By default the current mode is "view". Click on the button with the green "+" sign to add a new invoice.

Step 4: Enter the invoice information, choose to show your client’s personal or business information.

Step 5: Enter the invoice type, details, taxes, and any other notes you want included on the invoice.

8. How do I print or e-mail an invoice?

Print an Invoice:

Step 1: Select the invoice you wish to print.

Step 2: Click on the printer button.

Step 3: A preview of the invoice will show how it will be printed, if this is okay then select "file" and "print".


Email an Invoice: (Note: the client’s email address must be entered into client data)

Step 1: Click on the "Email" button.

Step 2: Select which invoice you wish to email.

Step 3: Click on the "Email" button.

9. How do I create reports?

You can use this tool to print general reports, such as basic client information and contract agreements; specific reports, such as sessions within a date range and client financial statements; and summary reports such as income statements, client lists, and mailing labels!

Step 1: Click on the "Reports" button.

Step 2: Choose a report type to print.

Step 3: Click on a report from the list of reports given.

Step 4: Enter any report criteria that is asked.

Step 5: Click on the printer button.

Step 6: Check the preview to make sure it’s what you want.

Step 7: Select "file" and click "print".


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CPCA-CMS Licensing/Pricing

The software is $25.00 CAD for a Monthly License/Per User

The monthly lease includes:

  • Unlimited use
  • Program updates
  • Unlimited Toll-free phone support in Canada
  • Unlimited email support

Payable by Paypal: Acceptance Mark


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